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    Sweenikle Bears

  • Welcome to
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  • Welcome to
    Sweenikle Bears


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  • PREVIEW: Tennyson


    Sunday the 8th of July from 10am – 3pm

    The Crowne Plaza,

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  • Sweenikle Bears are lovingly handmade by Natalie Standing

    ‘I want Sweenikle Bears to be that little bit of sparkle in everyone’s collection’
    – Natalie Standing, Artist of Sweenikle Bears

    Sweenikle Bears combine the best of contemporary imagination with traditional techniques of bear making. Hand sewn and hand made to make an entirely one of a kind bear. From hand painted glass eyes and hand made accessories; not one Sweenikle Bear will ever be the same as another.

    Sweenikle Bears have found homes all across the globe and have been a part of the biggest and most prestigious fairs in the Country. If you’d like to meet Sweenikle Bears please visit SHOW SCHEDULE and see if we are coming to a venue near you.

  • ‘Seeing the wonderful reactions to my bears and the joy they give people makes my heart smile’
    – Natalie Standing, Artist of Sweenikle Bears

  • Sweenikle Bears were born out of Natalie’s love for teddy bear collecting. She had been collecting bears for three years and after her first bear fair, she decided to try her hand at bear making herself. Natalie’s first bear creation was brown mohair bear, Jack, named after her beloved grandad. Her attachment to bear making grew vastly from there.

    In Natalie’s five years of bear making she has always followed her heart and trusted in her creativity as a bear artist. Natalie stumbled upon her style completely by accident. Her pen slipped one day and the Sweenikle expression was born.

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Sweenikle Bears

Hand made one of a kind Artist Bears
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